How To Answer Jamb Questions Effectively

The easiest way to Score very high in Jamb is to understand how to answer Jamb questions within the limited time. If you have written different examinations, you will understand that the nature of questions differs. As the nature of questions differs for different examinations, So also the approach to questions.

You don’t expect to answer Jamb questions the same way you answer WAEC or NECO questions. I have already explained how jamb set questions and where Jamb Questions come from. Now, let’s see how to answer Jamb questions to score very high this year.

How To Answer Jamb Questions 2020

1. Be Smart:

Jamb answer can either be Option A, B, C or D. You will not be awarded any mark for picking the closest option. Jamb doesn’t check your workings or whether you are close to the correct answer. The only thing that matters in Jamb is the correction option. 

You must be extremely careful while picking an option. Be sure of your answer before choosing it. Some times, you may think you chose “option A“, meanwhile, you actually picked “option B“. This is why it is good to check your previous answers once in a while to be sure of the answer you actually picked.

For comprehension passages, you must be able to justify that your answers are correct and match the evidence presented in the passage. Don’t be jumping into answers anyhow.

If you don’t understand a question, feel free to do wise gues. But don’t pick a random answer when you really understand the topic. Keep calm and analyze the question.

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2. Check Units and Symbols:

This is especially for calculation subjects. Your answer might be correct, however, did you check whether it is in a standard unit? Did you also do the necessary conversions before solving?

If you have the question:

Given that F=20N and M=2Kg. Calculate the acceleration of the car……..

A. 4 B. 10s C. 15m/s^2 D. 24 E. None of the above.

What is your answer?

The answer is B? You are wrong. It is true that acceleration is Force divided by mass (20/2 =10). However, the unit for acceleration is not seconds. One thing you should be careful about in calculation subjects is unit and conversion.

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3. Understand Every Question:

Many candidates fail Jamb, not because they don’t know the topics but because they do not understand the questions. Jamb is far different from Waec. For everything the Questions says, there is something it is not saying.

When you see a standard Jamb question, put away fear and overconfidence and try to see the big picture. Do not assume what they are asking, find out what they are really talking about. Remember, Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

Do not assume you understand the question, actually, understand it. Do not cram past questions. It will harm you in the long run.

4. Answer The Simple Ones First:

In Jamb exam hall, you are not permitted to waste time. After all, you don’t have all the time in the world. When you get the questions, quickly flash through them to see the ones you can easily answer.

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Tackle these ones first before laying hands on the more challenging ones. This doesn’t mean that you cannot answer everything. It is just a proven approach to save time. You must learn to answer Jamb questions at the speed of light.

5. Answer Every Question:

You may not have the answer to every question in the Jamb exam hall. But answer every question in the Jamb exam hall. Do not leave any option unpicked. Generally, there is no negative marking in Jamb.

Here, do a very wise Gues. Go back to the questions you have answered correctly and see the pattern it follows. If the majority of your answers are Option “C”, you may want to choose C in the unknown…

What I am trying to say is this; try to see the pattern the answers follow and see what you can bring out of it to answer the questions you are not very sure of.

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