NAUB Nigerian Army University Biu



As part of the strategic repositioning of the Nigerian Military, the Nigerian Army has established a university in Biu, Borno State. The University will serve as a solution centre for the technological and other operational problems of the Nigerian Army, the military and the nation. The institution is designed to create the critical mass required for research, innovation, testing and development of military equipment in a 21st Century setting. This university will facilitate the creation of the enabling environment that will enhance the accelerated development and eventual production of modern military hardware in Nigeria.
  • Silicon Valley

    • Silicon Valley
    • Senate Building
    • Juinor Staff Quarters
    • Convocation Hall
    • Dzur Kopsa Falls
    • Admin Block
    • Staff Club
    • Hotel
    • Senate Building
    Apart from being a unique university, it will be a centre of excellence for learning, research and technological development which is consistent with the compelling requirements of 21st Century armies that strive to conceive, develop and source their military platforms and other requirements locally. The new university will promote excellence, ingenuity, creativity and distinctive competence in intellectual outcomes.
    The founding principles and philosophy of the university are based on the creation of an interdisciplinary learning environment, shared facilities and constant interaction among organs and units, driven by the factors of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The University will therefore "utilise scientific and technological knowledge to develop credible and creative capacity for proffering solutions to the problems of the Nigerian Army, the military as well as the nation".
    Its vision is "to become a solution centre in technology, research and development for the promotion of self-reliance, creativity and innovation in addressing national security and technological challenges" To achieve this, the University will "develop highly skilled military and civilian manpower with distinctive competence capable of providing technological solutions at short notice".


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