Biu Youth Progressive Association (BYPA)

 Biu Youth Progressive Association (BYPA)

Is a non governmental community organization, which was initiated in October 2018. And was registered with the Borno State Government on 31st December 2018. Meanwhile, the certificate of the registration was issued on 11 February. The Association has the certificate of registration. And this Association is a non-governmental organization (N.G.O).

And It has its aims and objectives :

1. Striving for peace, unity and tranquility to the society. 

2. Creating public awareness. 

3. To provide support and assistant in the area of educational development among the teaming population. 

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4. To conduct periodic execution or community meeting to discuss developmental issues. 

6. Youth empowerment. 

7. Environmental sanitation /hygiene.

Every member of this great Association (BYPA)  is expected to be Youth Ambassador. 

Moral behaviours must be observed: (Honesty, Integrity, Commitment And Trust). 

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May God Bless This Blissful Association, May He Bless Our Dearest Community, May He Bless Our Greatest State Borno (Home Of Peace). 

May He Also Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria 🙏🏻


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