Nigerians React After Davido’s Signee, Peruzzi Brutally Slapped Pamilerin [Video]

The Nigerian social media space has been buzzing ever since popular social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke called out
DMW act, Peruzzi, claiming the singer slapped and beat him up for over 20 minutes in Bayelsa State. Narrating his ordeal,
Pamilerin said Peruzzi reacted to some tweets he made in January where he compared him to Teni. In the series of tweets,
Pamilerin had said Teni was a better singer and would win more awards than Peruzzi. Check out the tweets below:
How Davido
How Davido
How Davido
How Davido
Nigerians are affronted by this and have taken to their individual social media pages to condemn the act. The act by the singer is
not only an assa*lt on Pamilerin Adegoke alone but also on all social media influencers which includes bloggers as well. Peruzzi
has kick-started a dangerous trend where Nigerians would be getting beaten for airing their opinion on social media. His likes
should be banned from social media platforms. He must also face the law for his actions which he’s yet to deny. Below is a video
from the scene where DMW artiste, Peruzzi allegedly slapped social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke, in Bayelsa State.

Laila Ijeoma@LailaIjeoma

Peruzzi slaps Pamilerin over tweets from January.

Embedded video

The video was shared on Instagram by vinavina01 who wrote:

“Today I saw the worst form of human Stupidity and yes I said Stupidity because there isn’t any way to describe the

events of today So @peruzzi_vibes Assaulted @thepamilerin in the worst manner. His bouncers held

@thepamilerin while he slapped him for something as stupid as a tweet he posted in January Like guys, where did

we loose our way? Who gave an artist the right to assault a fellow individual over an opinion that was aired? You

call yourself a leader to the younger generation and is this what you preach? And Using threatening words like “i’ll

kill you”…..”I’ll destroy you” I am really pained by this act. What happened to conversations? And peaceful resolve?

If we all went around slapping, assaulting and beating up individuals that say/write things about us, won’t we be a

country of Barbarians?????????? It’s at points like this the saying ‘THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD’ I

call on every media outlet to say no to violence, Celebrity Status doesn’t Give you a GOD COMPLEX! He deserves to

be called to order and made to face the arm of the law. A crime is a crime and no one is above the law ..”

Check out more reactions from twitter below:

Omoniyi Israel@omoissyy

Which SLAPS more?

RT for Agbalumo
Like for Peruzzi

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So while everybody was busy giving us hit tracks
Peruzzi was busy cooking up hit slap for a whole 5 months

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See BREZZIDENT’s other Tweets

EL-SHITU 🌟@Abdulmkww

When Futmx students see Peruzzi Trending 😂….

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See EL-SHITU 🌟‘s other Tweets

Mide ✨@YemiOshifisan

Y’all keep saying Peruzzi slapped Pamilerin based on his tweet, that’s a lie
At least you guys should look for concrete evidence before posting stuffs on social media platforms😏😏😏

I just explained what actually happened in this video here!

Embedded video

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Daddy’s FineSon@bout_zico

Peruzzi’s bouncer trying to touch pamilerin
Pamilerin: I’ll get upseh with you, you dun touch me
Bouncer: Oga dey call you
Pamilerin: fuck you, Warrifuck you saying
After collecting slap👋
Pamilerin: I’m coming back and you’ll see my team

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If Peruzzi slaps Pamilerin for an old tweet after seeing him…. What will @cuppymusic do to this GUY😂😂😂

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F E M I B R I G H T ﺍًًًًًًًًًًًِِ@SirBright_

Twitter VAR at it again.
Peruzzi vs Pamilerin

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Bros Twittar@BrosTwittar

Did i just hear that Pamilerin who is verified on twitter got some verified slaps from unverified Peruzzi?

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òmò yòrùbà nì mì 💯%@MRJohnDWise

We can’t even say that Peruzzi dropped a single hit on Pamilerin’s face.

I mean he still featured Bouncers 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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Pamilerin receive hot slap because of personal opinion
Teni is better than Peruzzi.

Valking when he sighted DJ Cuppy😂😂

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Y’all coming for Peruzzi because he slapped your influencer.
Y’all hide behind your keypads to spew trash and degrade people’s work.
Forget Peruzzi the artiste, and think about Peruzzi as someone older than Pamilerin. He was slapped for being disrespectful.

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Danny Walter 👑@cutewalter_

Lemme Just drop this here So when Peruzzi wakes up he’ll know the people he’s slapping 😂😂😂

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So Peruzzi actually waited for 6 months just to slap pam pam…

God please anybody weh carry me for mind like this am sorry.

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Your Daddy@ToyosiGodwin

Pamilerin when the court asks what he wants to be done to Peruzzi

Embedded video

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Pre Malone 🚶🏾@young_shegg

Peruzzi: Hold sombo, hold somebody

Bouncer: *holds Pamilerin

This kind of behaviour has to stop now! Please share your thoughts on this with us in the comments section.

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