“I am human, blame me not. I found a damsel in trouble and in need; a pretty damsel at that. What should I have done? Abandon her? Having sought the assistance of the gods in my search for a wife, I believed she was an answer to my prayer. For three years I hid her in my house out in the farmlands, by the fourth year my heart had cleaved to hers and so was hers to mine. We were in love! High spirit lords, we were bound in love. Our story is a story of love. We could not breathe! I could not leave her even though I knew she was a descendant of Ofeke…” “Did she tell you, Olekanma Uruaku, that she was a descendant of Ofeke?!” that same mighty voice inquired. “Yes, my lord, she did. She did not keep it from me for a day,” Olekanma replied. The spirit lords clustered their heads together and muttered words Olekanma could not hear clearly. Raising their heads, the mighty voice amongst them roared, “Continue human!”

“Afraid of losing the one whom my soul loved, I went in search of answers about how to appease the spirit who watched over the curse upon Ofeke and his descendants. I wondered for long till I found a man, a powerful dibia (native doctor), who sent me to another dibia amongst the descendants of Ofeke. This dibia was powerful indeed. His name was…” “Alikara!” a voice shouted from amongst the spirit lords. “Yes, that was his name my lord. Alikara was powerful. He consulted with the spirits he served and assured me he could reach a spirit called Eleke. Let the gods of my people bear me witness. I lie not. When Alikara summoned Eleke he appeared. He appeared as he is here today. He came in his full power. I wanted to run, but Alikara stopped me. Alikara said something which I have not understood till this day and Eleke changed into a man.” “Hmmm!” voices echoed from amongst the spirit lords. “When Eleke appeared in Alikara’s shrine, did he speak to you directly or did he speak to you through Alikara?” asked a voice from the spirit lords. “At first Alikara explained to Eleke why I had come. After the explanations, I and Eleke spoke like men speak to each other. He was the one who told me what to bring so he could break the curse upon Nneoma so that I could marry her without any consequences.”

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“Did you know Eleke was the spirit watching over the curse on Ofeke and his offspring?” asked the mighty voice. “No my lord! However, Eleke told me that he was present the day the curse was laid on Ofeke and assured me that he knew how to break it if I would give him what he wanted.” “And what was that Olekanma Uruaku?” the nighty voice asked, this time he sounded very pissed. “He asked for six giant tubers of yam, a full cow and…” Olekanma paused. “Speak up human! What else did Eleke ask for?” several voices asked at the same time.

“…he asked me to bring Nneoma to him at Mbara so he could have sex with her. He claimed the intercourse with her would divert the anger of the gods to him instead of to me. I did everything he asked and yet, a year and seven weeks ago, Eleke came and pulled out my heart while I slept. I now know that before he pulled out my heart, he had thrown three white stones at my chest.” “You lie human! How dare you lie against a god?!” Eleke roared and his shadow hung over Olekanma. “Let the dead human be, Eleke!” demanded the mighty voice. T

he shadow retreated. “You should tell this court that you had sex with a cursed seed of Ofeke and soiled the pure blood of your people! Did you not have sex with Neoma before you brought her to me at Mbara?” Eleke asked, his eyes burning with flames. He had been taken unawares by the hearing, He had not thought the spirit lords would heed Nneoma’s pleas. “My lords, did I not say that my heart was cleaved to her? When Nneoma was in my farm house, I failed to control my desire for her and on a certain night, I embraced her b—m. This happened long before I met Eleke.” “How then was it hidden from you Eleke? You are a god; how did you not see it?” asked the mighty voice. “This evil human and his woman hid it from me by her bathing with Nnamiriukwa.


When I went into her it was like she had never known a man,” replied Eleke. “So when you found out later that Nneoma had known a man before you slept with her; out of your legendary envy and pride, you broke your covenant with them and began to hunt the household? You even went as far as killing this man in his sleep… Eleke, you are worse than Ofeke! Hmmm! So it has been true all along?” the mighty voice wondered. Eleke looked about in fear. “Now tell me, Eleke nti oba, how many daughters of Ofeke have you slept with since you were made the eyes over the curse on Ofeke?” Eleke knew where the mighty was going. He began to hesitate. “My lord, the curse was the type that would never be lifted or ever forgiven; so I did with the people as I saw t,” Eleke argued. “Answer the question Eleke nti oba!” yelled the mighty voice. “He has slept with all of them! He sleeps with them on the day they embrace the clay pot!!!” Olekanma yelled. There was silence in the court. All eyes turned on Olekanma in shock. He was not expected to do that nor had he the right to do that.


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